TanaMe Universal®

All Communication Channels Connected

From within the TanaMe SMS or TanaMe IM modules you can Link to Phonebook Contacts. This creates a link so that you may communicate with your Contact via Call, SMS, Chat or eMail. You can also access the TanaMe Universal services straight from the FaceTags on the main menu page..

Free Messaging Worldwide

All Messengers in One

Stay Connected with your friends and family, whereever you are. Connect to popular Messaging Platforms on ONE INTERFACE

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • AIM
  • MSN
  • ICQ

As well as our very own secure feature-packed messaging network!

In-App Support

Help at your fingertips

From within the TanaMe App you are able to get world-class support.

  • Press the "options" button on your device from within TanaMe App for navigation tips.
  • From within TanaMe App, Navigate to "Support" within "More Services" section to speak to our friendly support team

User Review

  • Hav it all. No need to hav lots of diff apps. TanaMe seem to have put it all nicely together. Love it love it ...

    – Talon Schmidt
  • TanaMe and me! Tried the TanaMe IM, it works like a dream. Can hook up with lots other IMs. good

    – Ferdinand Holloway
  • Easy to use. Seamless switching from module to module. Linked contacts very good use.

    – Lewis Roach
  • Only app that has free instant messenger + mail + sms and FREE CALLS!!!. All in one package! And it works well. The FaceTag quick launch is nice. I like it.

    – McKenzie Meadows
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