Tana Communications specialises in the development and delivery of cost effective communication solutions for data and voice transmission. Using our innovative application development methodologies, we are able to deliver world class solutions tailor-made to address your requirements.

Tana Communications utilizes current trends and innovations, while adhering to standard practices, to deliver applications that are useful, reliable, maintainable, and efficient. Most importantly, our solutions and applications are user friendly.

From simple text-messaging, peer to peer voice communication solutions, to complex cloud-based applications which interact with mobile end-users; TanaMe Communications has the experience and technical know-how to deliver.

The team

Tawanda Chitaka

Co-founder / CEO

As CEO, Tawanda is also our Chief Software Design Engineer. He has degrees and other special qualifications in Computer Science and IT Management. He is competent in several programming languages and Operating Systems. He conceived the idea of launching Tana Communications to offer cutting edge mobile business solutions.

Patrick Chitaka

Co-founder / CFO

Patrick has several years’ experience as a Projects Engineer. Some of his qualifications include a Masters in Engineering (Electronics & Communication) from University of Canterbury (New Zealand) and a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He has managed large scale projects from design to commissioning.

Partners and Clients

  • Rackspace Hosting
  • Opera Mobile

User Review

  • Hav it all. No need to hav lots of diff apps. TanaMe seem to have put it all nicely together. Love it love it ...

    – Talon Schmidt
  • Only app that has free instant messenger + mail + sms and FREE CALLS!!!. All in one package! And it works well. The FaceTag quick launch is nice. I like it.

    – McKenzie Meadows
  • TanaMe and me! Tried the TanaMe IM, it works like a dream. Can hook up with lots other IMs. good

    – Ferdinand Holloway
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